Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Yale Study Reports 1 in 4 Teens that use E-cigarettes Have Tried "Dripping"

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It seems that e-cigarettes have been making the news a lot lately.  One of the most recent things I’ve read about was a user who’s device exploded as he was using it.  He lost some teeth, fractured his jaw, and had to have a decent amount of plastic surgery to give him a “normal” appearance again.
It seems that many folks look upon e-cigarettes as a safer alternative to the real thing.  The problem is, they are not without their problems.  E-cigs can deliver lots of nicotine and there are also some other chemicals released that can cause harm to the body.

Now comes word from Yale about the potential problems of “dripping” with e-cigs.  Dripping is done by taking the device apart and putting “drips” of the liquid directly onto the battery-powered coil (the part that heats the liquid and vaporizes it).  Supposedly this provides better flavor as well as stronger hit.

I’ve got several concerns about this but I’ll just discuss a couple here.
  1. The dripping process creates a higher temperature to vaporize the liquid.  This has the potential to heat the liquid higher than manufacturers intended.  This can lead to potential exposure to acetaldehyde and formaldehyde among other chemicals.  Other research has indicated this is possible.
  2. E-cigarette usage coms with some inherent risk.  There are actual documented and substantiated cases of these devices exploding and causing severe personal injuries.  Many of those injured have admitted to altering their devices in some way.  It seems that often times, users are DIYing their devices in an attempt to increase the potency of their vaping medium.  With the explosion potential that exists, taking your device apart and holding your face very close to the coil just seems like a really, really bad idea.

The study is pretty darn interesting.  You can read the article here.  

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