Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Presidential Order from President Trump Freezes Amalgam Separator Rule

Amalgam Separator.jpeg
Late in 2016 the Environmental Protection Agency passed a rule that required dental practices to install amalgam separators.  I did a post on it in December.  
Now comes word, as of February 6, 2017, that the rule has been frozen by President Trump.  This is intended to all his administration time for executive review of the regulations.
So… long story short, the Amalgam Separator rule is now on hold.
We have had an amalgam separator in our office for about 5 years.  We did it as we thought doing so would be “the right thing to do” and it fit with our philosophy of always trying to do the right thing.
However, I will be the first to say that amalgam separators are one more expense placed on healthcare providers that will ultimately be passed along to the patient.  As we all know, government intervention and regulation is a frequent cause of increasing fees.  In some states the devices have been required for some time, but for the ones that did have that requirement (like Missouri, where I practice) the federal rule would have required it of *every* office.
I’m interested to see where the rule goes from here.

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