Thursday, February 16, 2017

Mavrik Dental Systems Working to Make In-Office Tooth Whitening Better

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For years dentistry has been trying hard to come up with some type system that will deliver the same beautiful results from in-office bleaching that we are capable of producing with take home bleaching.  Up to this point in dental history what we’ve had are high strength solutions that can whiten quickly, but also leave the very sensitive.  Many times this has created a situation that mimics the old medical joke of “the cure is worse than the disease”.  Dentistry has put up with enough over the years when it comes to patients being frightened, but simply adding to the problem is ludicrous.

However, we are also faced with the fact of people being unhappy with their smiles and wanting to change them for the better.  To the rescue of this problem comes a company called Mavrik with their brand new device called the Thera-Smile.  In the early 2000s, a trend spread across dentistry.  That trend was to use a high powered light that would warm the bleaching solution and help accelerate the chemistry.

There were several attempts along these lines.  Companies tried high powered ARC lights, very bright and powerful LED’s, and even lasers.  These devices were always very expensive for the office to purchase and were marketed to patients on television and in women’s magazines.  Often, due to the advertising, women knew about the lights before the industry even got word to the dentists.  Due to the expense of the lighting systems, doctors had no choice but to charge high fees for the procedure.

Then, the science would come along and word would quickly spread that the light did little, if anything, to aid the whitening process.

Well, Mavrik is a different animal in the tooth whitening jungle.  First of all, the device does not use a light at all!!  Instead it uses a process to warm the chemistry (no light needed) and it has a unique intraoral mouthpiece that connects to a an on-board vacuum pump.  The vacuum pulls air out of the mouthpiece causing it to be suction form fitted to the ideal fit.  In my opinion, the biggest marketing hurdle the company faces is the fact that machines have been tried in the in-office bleaching space before… without much success.  Even though the device is completely different from lights, that is still something to overcome.

Then there is the cost.  I’m not sure of the cost of the device, but I can assure you that something this sophisticated will not be inexpensive.  Many offices are now used to advocating take home tray based whitening, so it will be interesting to see where this all goes.

In closing out this post, l’m very enthused about the science Mavrik is using.  It’s approaching in-office whitening from a completely different angle and looks to make an interesting move into the market.  How this all shakes out, only time will tell.

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