Monday, February 6, 2017

How the Air Force Protects the Super Bowl from Rogue Pilots

Since 9/11 the country has had its share of “no fly zones”.  The idea of them is to prevent another terrorist attack from the air even if it were to come from a small private plane.  However, let’s face it, even a small private plane could cause massive casualties if it smashed into a crowd on the ground

Because of that risk, there are lots of “no fly zones” in US airspace now and many of them are patrolled by US fighter jets.  The feds are not taking any chances when it comes to these “no fly zones”.  Enter one and odds are you will quickly be approached by jets that are fully equipped and authorized to surgically remove you from the sky.

It used to be that to “engage a target” (shoot at it) required permission of SECDEF (The Secretary of Defense).  Now it just requires the go ahead from a 2 star general at NORAD.

Since the Super Bowl was yesterday and the big game has a huge no fly area around it, I thought I’d share a link to a story on Wired that does a really nice job of explaining the procedure and also the role the Civil Air Patrol plays in it.

The story can be accessed here.  

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