Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Gemini Laser Testing is Done

Ultradent Gemini.jpg
After a couple of months of clinical usage, I’m ready to make my opinions know on the Ultradent Gemini Laser.
The Gemini is the first entry into the soft tissue laser market for Ultradent.  Company insiders tell me that the reason they hadn’t come to market before this is that they were wanting a product that set them apart.  something new and different that properly reflected their dedication having better products.
The Gemini is a dual wavelength diode laser.  You can use it in 810nm mode or in 980nm mode.  Both wavelengths are very effective on soft tissue and provide very good hemostasis.  However, it’s truly groundbreaking function is its “dual wavelength” feature.  This means that you can select to use both 810 *and* 980 simultaneously.  This allows for fast and smooth removal of soft tissue.  Over the years, the major complaint against diode lasers has been their tendency to leave small tissue tags.  This usually is not a problem clinically, but for offices using digital impression systems, the presence of tissue tags can sometimes complicate the scanning process.  By utilizing the dual wavelength feature, the Gemini increases clinical speed while greatly decreasing tissue tags.
The device is cordless with a rechargeable battery.  This makes it completely portable in the office.  It is very light and easy to take from room to room.  I’ve also been *very* impressed with the “Heads-Up Display” on the Gemini.  The flat piece of glass in the photo above is completely clear until you turn the Gemini on.  At that point, the image appears on the glass.  I always make it a point to start the laser in front of the patient and it has never failed to get an impressed reaction.  Patients are blown away at how beautiful and high tech the Gemini is.
The foot pedal is wireless and makes it much easier to use as you can place the foot pedal anywhere you would like.  As anyone practicing today knows, we have way too many cords to deal with.  Adding cords to foot pedals just increases the “sphagetti” we are dealing with.  Any chance a manufacturer has to eliminate cords is *greatly* appreciated!
The device utilizes unidose tips which screw onto the handpiece.  I’ve found these tips to be sturdy and easy to use clinically.  Each box of tips also comes with a small plastic piece that allows the user to bend the tip canola in a variety of angles.  This makes reaching all areas of the mouth much easier.  Also, in the picture above, you can see the tip showing just behind the display screen.  The white area of the tip contains a very high intensity white LED that creates surprisingly bright illumination of the field.  Since I mentioned the position of the handpiece in the picture above, I should also mention that it is being held in that spot by a magnet that keeps the handpiece in the small cradle behind the screen.
The Gemini comes preprogrammed with a variety of procedures and has plenty of power for all procedures.  There are 2 tip lengths available; 7mm uninitiated and 5mm initiated.  In my testing I preferred the 5mm initiated tip as initiating is just one more step to do.
The device also has voice controls that can be turned off if you prefer.
Overall, this laser has performed extremely well.  It is ergonomic and easy to use.  The aesthetics impress patients and it truly is a “next generation” product.  The Gemini is highly recommended!!!


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