Thursday, January 5, 2017

Make Any Device with an Input Jack Bluetooth Compatible

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I love podcasts.  I have since they were invented all those years ago, but I’ve really gotten into them on the recommendation of my partner Dr. John Huebner.  He has eclectic tastes like mine and has recommended several podcasts that I wouldn’t have thought of before.
Of course, the joy of podcasts is they update on your phone automatically and you can play them anywhere your phone goes.  My personal preference is to listen on my office commute.  I happen to have a 2009 Tahoe that I dearly love, but the one thing it lacks is audio Bluetooth capability.  It has Bluetooth for phone calls, but I cannot play any type of audio in the vehicle over Bluetooth.
To have audio, it requires me to connect a cable from the headphone jack on my iPhone to the Audio input jack on the dashboard.  This setup works just fine, but it does require me to have a cable handy and to connect it before I can listen to anything.  A few months ago I had the Tahoe in the shop for a few days for some repairs and the dealership loaned me a 2017 Silverado.  There has been a significant amount of tech added to vehicles since my Tahoe rolled off the line and one of those features was Bluetooth audio.  I got really spoiled by stating the truck and having my iPhone automatically connect and begin playing.  It may seem like a little thing, but I loved not having to deal with the cord.
All of the above was pushing me to find a solution, but over the Christmas break, my audio cable began suffer an internal break of a wire which was causing me to have to “jiggle” the cord & get it in just the right position to provide sound.  Finally I had had enough.
My solution was the Aluratek ALS01F i-Stream Bluetooth Audio Receiver.  This nifty little device has a cord that plugs into the audio input jack on the dash of the Tahoe.  My phone connects to the receiver via Bluetooth and all the audio from the phone now becomes wireless.  It’s pretty small, being about the size of a box of matches, and has a lithium ion battery with a 12 hour life.  That means I can commute all week on a single charge.  It also comes with a USB charger cable which can power and/or charge the device simultaneously.  When I get in my vehicle I just turn on the device and it connects with my phone.  It’s a great solution to a common problem and it only costs $29.99
If you are curious on how it works and are a visual learner, here’s a diagram 
iStream Bluetooth Diagram.jpg
In my research for a solution, I also discovered that Aluratek has a variety of products which looks pretty impressive.  Check out the Aluratek website here.  

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