Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Could BioHacking be a Part of Our Future?

For decades now, on the edge scientists and science fiction writers have envisioned a future where body parts are replaced by being regrown and then attached.

Imagine that instead of Luke Skywalker’s mechanical hand he could actually have a real human hand instead.  The possibilities for helping those injured catastrophically injured warms my heart and gets my thoughts soaring just thinking about it.

One of the biggest hurdles to cross in this science has been rejection of the new tissue by the recipient.  Animals don’t like mixing their body parts as they are frequently identified by the recipient as something foreign and the immune system sets in to reject the tissue, organ, etc.

Now comes word from a company named Spiderwort that could change all of that.  The company had the brilliant idea of using plant material instead of animal material as a lattice to grow tissue. Utilizing a CO2 incubator, the company is hoping to let anyone with the knowledge create their own body parts.

Sound interesting?  I sure was fascinated by the above video and the entire story on this I read at 

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