Monday, January 30, 2017

A Well Thought Out and Sneaky G-mail Phishing Scam

There currently is a serious phishing scam that is attempting to take over the G-mail accounts of those that fall prey to it.
One of the great things about online webmail services is that they can help protect users from viruses and other problems.  However, phishing attacks are different in that they send an email attachment which the users opens.  That act triggers the attack.  It uses a combination of hacking and social engineering where the affected user actually helps the hacker. has a great explanation of the problem and how to avoid it.  Rather than type in the full explanation, I’ll let you follow the link over to their article and not reinvent the wheel here.

The takeaway is “be vigilant”!  Never let your guard down because that’s what the bad guys are counting on.

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