Monday, November 7, 2016

Study suggests benefits of laser treatments for dental problems

Selective Photoantisepsis Simulation: This is a computer simulation of laser use on gum tissue.

For almost 30 years, select dentists have been using lasers in their practices for a variety of procedures.  As clinical experience was gained and procedural results monitored over time, excitement began to build amongst these laser practitioners for the amazing results that were being noted.

Time has marched on and the technology of dental lasers has progressed dramatically.  They are now a frequent part of the protocol in many offices.  Personally, hardly a day goes past that I don't reach for some type of laser to either accomplish or finish a procedure.

Now comes word from the New York Institute of Technology regarding the numerous benefits of lasers in clinical dentistry.

The above video shows graphically the effects of 3 different wavelengths commonly used in my profession.  It's pretty fascinating.

For the full story, here is the link.

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