Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Clinical Workout with the Gemini Laser from Ultradent

The dental diode laser market should sit up and take notice.  Ultradent has come to market with their first laser.

The Gemini is so named because it incorporates two wavelengths in one device.  It has both 810nm and 980nm wavelengths available.  They can each be used separately *or* simultaneously.  Using both at once allows for very precise and quick ablation coupled with outstanding hemostasis.

For users of digital impression or CAD/CAM systems, Gemini should be highly considered as its margin troughing is done without tissue tags left behind that can affect the precision of the optical image capture.

We'll be putting the Gemini through some pretty strenuous testing and will report back as we get further along with using it in a variety of clinical applications.  So far, I've been very impressed with the performance.

It's pretty amazing to me that 20 years ago, a diode laser weighed in at around 20-25 pounds and cost about $20K.  Now an office can have a totally portable system with two diode lasers for less than $8K.

I'll be making more posts about the Gemini as testing continues...

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