Wednesday, October 26, 2016

AT&T is Spying on Your Mobile Phone and You are Paying for it with Tax Dollars

Are you an AT&T customer?  According to stats, the company operates around 75% of all the landlines in the U.S., is the second largest wireless carrier, and the third largest ISP.  Impressive?  You bet.

However, I'm fond of the line by Machiavelli "absolute power corrupts absolutely" and this for sure applies to the current state of AT&T.  It seems the company is using software called "Project Hemisphere" which allows the company to scoop up tons of data on its own users which it then regularly sells to the U.S. Government.

That's right.  You pay them to use the network and why you do so, they monitor you and keep the data.  THEN they sell that data to the feds who pay AT&T with money that comes from your taxes.  Talk about taking a double hit.

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