Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Maxcem Elite Chroma

During the past 2 years or so, I was made aware of a new concept from Kerr.

One of the problems we have faced over the years in dentistry is curing and the precision involved in getting it right.  I mean, it's a good thing that you cannot over cure a composite because those of us that are waking up at night thinking through quality of care issues would be debating that little factoid ad infinitum.

There have been lots of ideas cast about that had the potential to help, but nothing was ever proposed that really had solid potential to solve the problem.  That's why I was optimistic (OK, guardedly optimistic, but still optimistic) when Kerr and I had the discussion of color change as a potential reference point for proper curing.

Now, move the clocks forward to 2016 and we have latest high tech product from Kerr called Maxcem Elite Chroma.  From the company website we get the following features and benefits:

  • Color Cleanup Indicator
  • Dual-Cure
  • Enhanced Bond Strength
  • Radiopaque
  • Dual-Barrel Automix Delivery System
  • One-Peel™ Cleanup
  • Easy Storage without Refrigeration
  • Compatibility – All indirect restorations, including ceramics, PFMs, Zirconia and metal restorations, and CAD/CAM materials
So as you can see, the product has some serious benefits.

Personally the only drawback I can see about the product is training.  Once you see it, using it is simple!!!  It's just that you *have* to really see it to totally grasp who well the color works.

With that thought I mind, I helped create the video above to give doctors and staff a quick and easy demonstration of just how simple Maxcem Elite Chroma is to use.  Feel free to use the video is morning huddles, staff meetings, and any other training scenarios where you feel it would fit.

Also, any suggestions for improvement or other product demos you can think of can be listed in the comments section.  I'd love to hear from you!

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