Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How Wearable Technology is Changing

The photo above (in case you are a non-techie type) is Google Glass.  It's Google's prototype wearable that projects an image into your eye from the small projector located over the right temple.  The development of the product has been pulled back some.  While it is still undergoing research and development, the process is now being done away from the public eye and all the fanfare & pressure that entails.

Part of the reason for this is because this technology, while cool, is not yet ready for prime time.  Hard core gear heads like me find this fascinating but the average person on the street (part of "the masses" if you will) would either not wear/use it or would only be willing to if it was a full fledged portable computer type device that functioned more like another device we all are hooked on... the mobile phone.

Early product takes on Google Glass were that it was a bit too nerdy and there were major concerns about privacy because the device could easily take photos and video.

Yet, despite the looks and concerns we are still seeing the expansion of tech tools into our lives and this is only going to expand... and it will expand rapidly.

"Wait," you say.  "You just told me these types of devices were nerdy and not good looking enough for major sales."

I did say that.   However, I'll go out on a limb and say there is a good chance you are wearing a Fitbit, an Apple Watch, or if you are a runner you may be wearing a Garmin watch/device that monitors all of your run info and puts it neatly on a map to show your route.

The point I'm trying to make is that the barriers to "fashionable technology" are starting to come down.  Good designers are having companies ask them to make incredibly stylish items that also house massive amounts of computing power.

The device above is the Tag Heuer Connected.  This incredible device (I have to admit I personally *love* Tag Heuer watches) is equipped with directional wind and weather monitoring.  RaceChrono Pro capability, and Google Fit, each designed at the synthesis and precision thanks to its innovative interactive counters.  Bold, custom themes allow numerous display options and Android Wear connects you with thousands of apps that you can tailor to your taste.

You have to admit its a good looking watch, right?  Then think about all the hardware it has built-in and all the things it can do.  After that consider it is the first generation.  Is smoke rolling out of your collar?  I know it is rolling out of mine.

I also read recently that Intel has developed a couple of tiny chips that can be placed invisibly inside the seams of your clothing.  That means soon clothing will be created that connects to your watch, phone, or anything else your heart desires.

Is that cool or what?

So to conclude this post, I just want you to think about what the future could hold for us.  I for one am really excited about what all of this means.  I can't wait to see what the FitBit evovles into and I cannot wait for the changes that lie ahead.  In my career as Technology Evangelist I've seen some incredibly cool things develop.  This one could well be a serious game changer and I cannot wait to see what it brings!!!!!

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