Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Look Back at the Original Air Force One


air force one.jpeg


Recently the news has been abuzz with the discussion of President-Elect Donald Trump berating Boeing about the 4 billion dollar price tag for 2 new jets to serve as Air Force One.


A small bit of trivia here: Air Force One is the call sign of the plane ONLY when the president is on board.  That’s why there can be 2 of them  that can serve with that designation.


Anyway, Wired Magazine (one of my geek/tech favorites) has an article on what the original planes looked like complete with a visual tour.  If you’d like to actually see one of them for yourself, there is one on display at Seattle’s Museum of Flight.


The article on Wired.com is pretty interesting as is the video.  Give it a look!  

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