Monday, November 9, 2015

I'm Back and Once again Ready to Roll!

Or perhaps the graphic above should say "Re-Start"...

Welcome back to the old blog... as you all know (and if you don't, you've been living in a cave) my beloved KC Royals are now the champions of the world.  I've taken some time off to go to the games, and now I'm back refreshed  and ready to give you my perspective on baseball and technology in general.

We've come a long way, and recently I was looking at the statistics for the blog over the years, I've been closing in on one million blog views.  I originally started this blog so I could see the responses  to my topics and also get immediate feedback to what I had written rather than waiting for emails or, in the good ol' days, wait for the responses via snail mail.  Obviously that doesn't happen any more.

Now, I can check the stats on a daily basis and see *exactly* what y'all   liked yesterday so with that in mind, I've tried to better tailor the topics.  That way I can better provide you, the readers info that better suits you.

So... I just returned from Washington DC where I gave 4 presentations over 3 days about leading edge technologies.  These included Digital Caries Detection, The Pride Technology Award Winners that I use every day, 3D Cone Beam CBCT from a general dentist's perspective, and a very interesting presentation with my good friends Dr. Paul Feuerstein and Dr. Marty Jablow on "Ask the Experts any question about Technology".

The last one was perhaps the best one I was involved with this year.  Paul, Marty, and I literally showed up with no *official* presentation prepared.  We walked into the room with no slides and 3 laptops.  We had a microphone that we could pass around in the audience and attendees could simply ask us any question they wanted to.

It was a really fun and enjoyable way to spend the afternoon

So... I've decided to do something similar here.

I'm going to do a series of posts based on  questions on what we were asked as well as covering the topics I and products covered in the Pride lecture as well.

As always, I *love* questions so make sure to ask in the comments section.

I will start with the Pride piece tomorrow and we may well go into December and we work through this.  Also please remember that this could stretch into heaven knows how long.  Consequently as current technology news breaks, we may jump out to cover that and then try to circle back to cover we will see how this all goes as time passes.

Thanks to all of you who put up with my ramblings here.  Without any of you reading my thoughts here, this blog would not exist, but thanks to all of you, this is, according to the stats one of the highest ranking healthcare technology blogs on the 'net.

So, tune back in tomorrow and let's get this started.

This should be fun!!!

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