Monday, November 30, 2015

i-Cat FLX and All It Can Do for You...

One of the important things about tech, is not only knowing how to use it, but knowing  when to use it.  For instance, it does you no good to have the latest and greatest of something unless you know the proper time to "pull the trigger".  Otherwise it's just a really expensive paper weight.

Today's post is going to deal with CBCT or "cone beam computed tomography".  This is technology that allows the doctor to see the patient's skull in 3D and helps that doctor see all the underlying structures before beginning a surgical case.  The amazing part of this technology is being able to to see everything before the first surgical step is taken.  The amount of data accumulated before treatment is started can mean the difference between simple and complicated on one end or wishing there was a better option on the other.

The smart minds at i-Cat have now created a 3D Cone Beam system that will allow doctors to take a 3D Cone Beam scan that creates an image utilizing less radiation than a traditional 2D panoramic radiograph.  That means that a low resolution 3D scan can be created with less radiation exposure than traditional 2 dimensional panoramic radiographs.  It's simply amazing.

Will this change the world of dentistry?  It's still too early to tell, but the door is starting to swing open.

Find out more at at the i-Cat website.

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