Wednesday, November 25, 2015

GoGo Inflight Wireless Service Upgrades to Next Generation in 2016

As most of you who read this blog on a regular basis know... I spend a good deal of my time on planes and in airports.  The travel is a sometimes not so fun part of what I do as Technology Evangelist, but hey, I've got to get lectures & meetings somehow... right?

One of the things that can definitely make the travel a bit more tolerable is if you have access to the Internet; especially in the air.  Most airports nowadays are providing free WiFi, but once the cabin door closes and the dreaded "airplane mode" is accessed on your device, you enter the great wasteland of being disconnected.

Fortunately it seems that most planes these days are running some type of wireless service on all but their either smallest or oldest planes.  On a recent United flight between Chicago O'hare and KCI I noticed that United provided its own United branded service, but on most other flights the service is provided by Gogo.

As long as it's been available, I've had a Gogo account and I've fallen in love with the productivity it has given me.  The only problem is the age old problem we all fight whenever we have an Internet connection.  That is... we want greater speed, more bandwidth, the fat pipe.

Well, the wheels of progress are always turning and wireless satellite bandwidth is no different.  Starting in January of 2016 Gogo will begin rolling out their next generation product.  Dubbed 2Ku, the improved service is looking at speeds much greater than we have now.

For an interview on the new & improved service follow this link to read the interview from Engadget.  

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