Monday, November 16, 2015

Crosstex DentaPure Wins Best of Class Technology Award

Behold DentaPure from Crosstex!

Developed by NASA for use on the Space Shuttle as well as the International Space Station, the truly is *Rocket Science* for your dental operatory.

As we all know, keeping our dental unit water lines clean is a very big deal in clinical dentistry.  We have tried all kinds of things in the profession, but it seems there is no one perfect system... until now.

The DentaPure system is a filter that plugs into the water line inside our self contained water bottle system and filters the water using advanced science.  Imagine installing a cartridge & not having to do another darn thing for a whole year!!!  That is the magic that DentaPure brings to the operatory.

We've been using the product for 2 years now and have been thrilled with the results.

However, rather than listen to me drone on and on about it, take a look at the webpage created by the company and see the science they have there.  Then get on the phone and order DentaPure.  I consider it a "must have" for my office and I think after trying it, you'll consider it a "must have" as well.

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