Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Netflix Puts its Movie on the Internet and in Theaters

This past spring I did away with cable TV in my office.  Time Warner was requiring a cable box in every operatory which would have been a nightmare to install and control.  To still provide patient entertainment on the over the chair monitor, we got a subscription to Netflix.

Now, no matter what the appointment time is, patients can view a show from the beginning.  Something they could never do with cable.  We've had zero complaints to this point, just happy patients.

I recently read about Netflix now offering one of their own "made for Netflix" movies to be seen in theaters as well as online.  Some theater owners feel that the movie Beasts of No Nation will not draw well as folks can just stay home & watch it instead of paying a theater for a ticket.

It's an interesting business model.  Some think they are doing it just to get an Oscar nomination because that requires the picture to be shown in theaters.

Whatever the reason, it is an interesting way to do business...

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