Monday, October 12, 2015

‘Follow Bob’ wrapping up at ADA 2015 - News from the ADA

Drs. Joseph Massad and David Little will lead a three-hour Education in the Round course on Nov. 7 wrapping up an 18-month journey of a full-mouth reconstruction procedure on Robert “Bob” Hartman (course 7402).

Learning objectives of the course include understanding and recording the esthetic and functional space before extractions and implant placement; making an accurate full-mouth implant impression in 20 minutes; understanding why verification jigs are important to success; and delivering a mandibular/maxillary implant prosthesis with accuracy.
The previous treatments over the last 18 months have all been documented in the ‘Follow Bob’ series.

Visit to register for the ADA 2015 annual meeting and register for the course today.

Fees increase today at 5 p.m. CDT. This also marks the ADA 2015 housing deadline. A limited number of hotels may have availability beyond this date.

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