Monday, October 19, 2015

European Crooks Beat "Chip Enabled" Credit Cards

If you have gotten a new credit card or received a replacement card in the U.S. recently, you may have noticed a small chip embedded in the card.  These "chip cards"  have been in use in Europe for some time now, but just came to the States recently.

One of the primary functions of the chip is to verify your PIN.  When you swipe the card & enter your PIN, the card reader communicates with the chip to make sure the PIN on the chip matches the one entered by the individual.  Pretty safe, right?

Well it is unless you're a crook.  It seems some European scam artists glued another chip on top of the real one and then had it coded to intercept the real chip & then allow *any* PIN number entered to be considered legitimate.

It goes to show you, as my grandfather used to say, "Locks are to keep honest people honest."

If you are a diehard geek like me, you'll want to read the paper written by French digital forensic specialists that explains how they did it.

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