Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Blog on Hold Until After the World Series...

I love tech, but I love baseball even more.

With my beloved Kansas City Royals in the Series, I won't be blogging until the games are over.

Thanks for your understanding!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Netflix Puts its Movie on the Internet and in Theaters

This past spring I did away with cable TV in my office.  Time Warner was requiring a cable box in every operatory which would have been a nightmare to install and control.  To still provide patient entertainment on the over the chair monitor, we got a subscription to Netflix.

Now, no matter what the appointment time is, patients can view a show from the beginning.  Something they could never do with cable.  We've had zero complaints to this point, just happy patients.

I recently read about Netflix now offering one of their own "made for Netflix" movies to be seen in theaters as well as online.  Some theater owners feel that the movie Beasts of No Nation will not draw well as folks can just stay home & watch it instead of paying a theater for a ticket.

It's an interesting business model.  Some think they are doing it just to get an Oscar nomination because that requires the picture to be shown in theaters.

Whatever the reason, it is an interesting way to do business...

Monday, October 19, 2015

European Crooks Beat "Chip Enabled" Credit Cards

If you have gotten a new credit card or received a replacement card in the U.S. recently, you may have noticed a small chip embedded in the card.  These "chip cards"  have been in use in Europe for some time now, but just came to the States recently.

One of the primary functions of the chip is to verify your PIN.  When you swipe the card & enter your PIN, the card reader communicates with the chip to make sure the PIN on the chip matches the one entered by the individual.  Pretty safe, right?

Well it is unless you're a crook.  It seems some European scam artists glued another chip on top of the real one and then had it coded to intercept the real chip & then allow *any* PIN number entered to be considered legitimate.

It goes to show you, as my grandfather used to say, "Locks are to keep honest people honest."

If you are a diehard geek like me, you'll want to read the paper written by French digital forensic specialists that explains how they did it.

Friday, October 16, 2015

The Advantages of the Ultradent Valo Curing Light.

There are a lot of fine curing lights on the market today.  However, in my opinion one stands a bit taller than all the rest.  That one is the Ultradent Valo curing light.

The Valo is a standout unit for a number of reasons and that is why, year after year, it has won The Best of Class Technology Award, or which I am a voting panel member.

I recently received a nice follow-up and overview of the Valo directly from Ultradent and I thought I would share it with you here.  Rather than "reinventing the wheel" in this post, I thought I'd let you get pertinent info direct from the source.  Here is what the smart folks at Ultradent had to say:

The Power of 3 Seconds

With the VALO LED broadband curing light, all you need is 3 seconds to get a complete, uniform cure. In Xtra Power mode, a 3-second cure gives you 3200mW/cm—the same amount of power provided by a conventional 10–20-second cure from other curing lights.1–2

So how does the VALO curing light give you so much power in so little time? 

Accessibility: The VALO curing light's low-profile head allows for easy and direct access to any restoration site, which means that the light can reach all aspects of the preparation. 

Power: The optimally collimated beam ensures that the VALO curing light maintains its power density and cures uniformly over a range of surfaces and working distances. The VALO curing light can polymerize any resin from up to 10mm from the restoration site.

Versatility: The custom, multiwavelength LEDs produce high-intensity light at 395–480nm, which is capable of polymerizing all light-cured dental materials no matter the proprietary product used. The VALO curing light also operates in Standard Power and High Power modes. In Standard Power mode, a 10-second cure provides 1000mW/ cm.2 A 4-second cure in High Power provides 1400mW/cm2 and should only be used for tacking.

So, what does this mean for your office? Dr. Gordon Christensen has found that a typical dental practice can save over $26,000 per year just by switching from a low-intensity light to a high-intensity light.2

Who knew three seconds could be worth so much?

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

UCLA Scientists Think They Have Found a Saliva Test that Indicates Sexual Preference...

Here is an interesting bit of news that I recently stumbled upon.

It seems that two genetic scientists at UCLA believe they may have discovered a saliva test to determine if a man is gay.

Researchers in dentistry has been working on several saliva tests in the past few years to indicate all kinds of predictive genetic traits and to also screen for the likelihood of developing cavities. However, up until this point, the tests are for disease & genetic problems.

I'm not sure what to think of this news.  The sample size is pretty small and the study has not been published in a peer reviewed journal (although that isn't the end all be all of accurate research).

However, if you're interested in the study here is the link from

Monday, October 12, 2015

‘Follow Bob’ wrapping up at ADA 2015 - News from the ADA

Drs. Joseph Massad and David Little will lead a three-hour Education in the Round course on Nov. 7 wrapping up an 18-month journey of a full-mouth reconstruction procedure on Robert “Bob” Hartman (course 7402).

Learning objectives of the course include understanding and recording the esthetic and functional space before extractions and implant placement; making an accurate full-mouth implant impression in 20 minutes; understanding why verification jigs are important to success; and delivering a mandibular/maxillary implant prosthesis with accuracy.
The previous treatments over the last 18 months have all been documented in the ‘Follow Bob’ series.

Visit to register for the ADA 2015 annual meeting and register for the course today.

Fees increase today at 5 p.m. CDT. This also marks the ADA 2015 housing deadline. A limited number of hotels may have availability beyond this date.