Tuesday, September 22, 2015

COLTENE Enters the CAD/CAM Market

More and more companies are getting into the CAD/CAM game and the smart folks at Coltene are no exception.  I'm impressed with what the Coltene R&D people are coming up with and now comes word that the company will be making CEREC blocks in the not too distant future.  Read on for all the details...

COLTENE, a global manufacturer of dental consumables, becomes a new material partner for SIRONA’s leading CAD/CAM system CEREC. Under the brand name BRILLIANT Crios, the new "Reinforced Composite Blocs" for chairside manufactured permanent inlays, onlays, full anatomical crowns and veneers will be launched in Q1 2016. COLTENE is placing special emphasis on composite as a versatile, high-performance material suited to computer-assisted processing directly in the dental practice.

Jeffrey Slovin, CEO SIRONA: “COLTENE is globally recognized as an established and reliable supplier to the dental industry. We are happy to welcome COLTENE as an official material partner to our CEREC system at CEREC’s 30th anniversary. Expanding our range of materials expands the application of digital dentistry and that, of course, is a tremendous benefit to our CEREC customers.

Symbiosis of two worlds

This autumn, CEREC, the successful CAD/CAM system from Sirona, celebrates its 30th anniversary. CEREC restorations have proven themselves millions of times worldwide and the system is recognized as the pioneer of digital chairside manufacturing. COLTENE is internationally known for over three decades as a pioneer in the field of adhesive restorative therapy. Modern composite materials are an integral part of today’s dental practice. They allow minimal invasive restorations efficiently in only one session, providing excellent aesthetic results. Dental materials such as MIRIS, SYNERGY, BRILLIANT or COMPONEER - the innovative direct composite veneering system - are examples of COLTENE's development competence. CEREC users might already know A.R.T.-Bond or One Coat 7 Universal*. These bonds, the dual-curing cements SoloCem*/DuoCem and COLTENE’s composite materials build a safe and proven luting system for all ceramic and composite based restorations.

SIRONA and COLTENE are going to cooperate in order to further exploit the potentials of digital dentistry with modern composite materials.

Martin Schaufelberger, CEO COLTENE: "COLTENE stands for composite materials. As a pioneer for decades, we have been instrumental in advancing and defining the development of composites. Today there is no other restoration material whose properties come as close to the natural tooth like composite."

BRILLIANT Crios - Reinforced Composite Blocs for Permanent Restorations

Starting 1st quarter of 2016, the new BRILLIANT Crios “Reinforced Composite Blocs” will be sold to the dental market. They combine all advantages of an innovative submicron hybrid composite material for the CEREC chairside manufacturing process to achieve a reliable, aesthetic and fast restoration without an additional burning process.

For CEREC users, the question arises: Why composite? And there are good reasons why. The innovative composite formulation for BRILLIANT Crios merges the best properties of MIRIS and the brand new BRILLIANT EverGlow* composite material. Thanks to the outstanding flexural strength and elasticity close to that of dentin, the restoration material is tougher and less brittle than ceramic. This clearly reduces the risk of chipping and cracking, both in manufacturing as well as in situ. It also has a shock-absorbing effect, ideal for implant restorations, which also has a positive influence on the patient's bite experience.

Moreover, the BRILLIANT Crios restoration material is extraordinarily wear resistant, offers long-luster and yet is very kind to the antagonist teeth. The performance is reflected in the improved service life of the CEREC burs, as compared with glass ceramic. The CAD/CAM blocks are offered in nine low and four high translucency levels. Shade individualizations or repairs are also easy to realize with the help of composites, e.g. BRILLIANT EverGlow.

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