Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Aren't You Glad Those TSA Travel Locks are Keeping Your Valuables Safe? Because They Aren't...

A while back TSA gave travelers a choice when it came to luggage locks.  They could either use TSA approved locks (that TSA had a key to) or not use locks at all.  The idea was that since TSA would be the only one with the key, the lock would be as safe as ever.  Seriously, they thought that.

So... last month The Washington Post published an article online that featured the "secret life" of baggage in the hands of the TSA.  The article also featured a digital photo of a TSA luggage key.

Shortly after the article appeared online, the photo was deleted.  However, as well know, in the world of digital... there is no such thing as deleted.  The photo was quickly used to create CAD/CAM files of the key which were then quickly created using digital printers.

The files are now readily available online meaning anyone; and I DO mean anyone, can print one of these things for next to nothing.

Just another example of how people think they are making things more secure when in reality they didn't think things through.  Since this whole TSA lock thing came up a few years ago, I've just chosen to not use locks on my luggage.  I was pretty convinced that the new locks weren't all that secure anyway.  This just proves my theory.

The lesson here is that if someone can get a photo of something today, they can create whatever is in the photo given enough time and money.  That's just the way things are now.

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