Wednesday, August 5, 2015

If You are an Android User Don't Get Stagefright!

For mobile users, I really like Lookout to help keep your devices secure.  I have been using it for quite a while on both Android and iOS devices and have been very pleased with what it provides for me.

The company is also very good at keeping users informed of potential problems and threats.  This week, the good folks at Lookout contacted Android users with a warning about a new threat called "Stagefright".  Below is the info from the email Lookout sent to its Android users, if you'd like even more info on the threat, you can get the lowdown from this Lookout Blog post.

Last week a new security vulnerability that affects Android devices was discovered, called "Stagefright." We take our promise of giving you peace of mind seriously, so we wanted to reach out to explain the risk and provide a few steps you can take to protect your Android device.

What can Stagefright do?
Stagefright could allow an attacker to remotely control and steal data from an Android device by simply sending a victim a multimedia message (MMS) infected with an exploit. There are a number of apps that an Android device can use to receive MMS content such as Google Hangouts and the default messenger app. In order to fully be protected from this vulnerability, you will need to wait for a security update from your carrier, device manufacturer, or Google, who are the only ones who can patch this vulnerability.

What about my existing Lookout app?
The Lookout app you already use will protect you from potential malware that could take advantage of Stagefright exploits, but you will need to wait for an upcoming security update from your carrier, device manufacturer, or Google to ultimately patch this vulnerability.

Am I affected?

To check if your device is vulnerable to "Stagefright" and to learn how to disable MMS auto-fetching for added protection, download our new Stagefright detector app now.  

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