Thursday, August 6, 2015

Going on Vacation? Send your Surgical Telescopes for some R&R as Well!

For those of you who have been to one of my lectures, you know how passionate I am about magnification.  One of my instructors once told me "to do well, one must see well".  Nowhere does that statement bear more truth than in the practice of dentistry.

When Dr. Huebner joined the practice, one of the first things he did was to replace his old set of surgical scopes from his dental school days to a higher mag XV1 system from Orascoptic.  The  XV1 is pictured below.  It is a fully self contained magnification system.  By self contained I mean that the batteries are located in the arms of the glasses which means no cords or battery packs.

This week, Dr. Huebner got an email from Orascoptic letting him know his scopes are now 1 year old & also reminding him that Orascoptic offers a service where Orascoptic staff will perform maintenance to make sure the scopes are in tip top shape.

If you are hooked on magnification like I am, you know how much you would suffer if you suddenly had to perform treatment without it.  By having Orascoptic perform maintenance, you minimize the chance of a catastrophic problem (such as having an arm come off... which once happened to me) and are assured the scopes are returned to "like new" condition.

So my recommendation is while you are away this summer enjoying a relaxing vacation, send your surgical scopes out and have them given the "spa treatment" too.  That way, you are not without magnification while seeing patients.  This kind of preventive maintenance just makes good sense.  One thing I've learned over my time in dentistry is that maintenance pays off.

If you are an Orascoptic user, you can call 800-369-3698 to schedule your maintenance & they will talk you through the process of sending your scopes to them in Middleton, Wisconsin.

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