Thursday, July 2, 2015

Check Your Property & Business Interruption Insurance!

A quick piece of advice for today's post because I didn't really have time to do my normal "post research" that I tend to do on a daily basis.

Why didn't I have time?  I'm glad you asked...

Last night we had some severe weather here in the Kansas City area.  In fact, as I was leaving my office last night, the ground rocked with some serious thunder.  I'm not kidding here... the ground actually shook.

On my way home, I called my parents to check in on them.  My dad seemed a bit distracted during the call & when I asked him why he told me he was only half listening as he was watching the local evening news and the meteorologist was tracking a wicked storm moving into the area.

When I got home, that same local news program was on in my house and they began to interrupt regularly scheduled programming due to the severe weather.  It was looking like tornados could develop...

Now  living in the midwest, you just sort of accept the fact that tornadoes can pop up.  The odds of having one actually cause *me* damage is pretty slim.  However, as I watched the TV weather, they began to mention landmarks in Lee's Summit.  That's where my office is located.

Then they began to talk about a school that is about 2-3 miles from my office.  It seems that some type of serious wind event (possibly even an F-1 tornado) had taken place.  There was damage.  A strip mall near the school lost pieces of roof.  A fireworks tent was blown down and a semi-trailer full of fireworks inventory was blown over.

Across the street from the school is an office complex that houses at least 2 dental offices.

After the all clear was sounded, I headed back out to my office.  I didn't think there was any damage, but I needed to make sure.  It turns out that my office was fine.  So were the offices by the school.  However, other businesses sustained damage.

The moral to this story is to be prepared for these types of events.  I have a list of numbers I can call that can help get the necessary people on site at my office quickly in case of disaster.  I also have a meeting once a year with my insurance agent to make sure my coverage is adequate & up to  date.  You hate to have to use your emergency plan, but the time to find out you were not prepared for a disaster is not after it happens...

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