Monday, June 15, 2015

Macs Vulnerable to Hack...

Mac users, myself included, tend to think of ourselves as less vulnerable to security threats.  While that is most likely true... please note the word less in that previous sentence.

The Mac OS still has some vulnerabilities and you can bet that as Macs become more and more popular, more of this bad stuff will arrive.

The latest, and in my opinion scariest, info on Mac Hacks arrived lately and I want to share it here.  It seems there is a way on Macs that were manufactured before the middle of 2014 to have a script loaded into the BIOS of the machine.  The BIOS is the part of the computer that is held in flash memory and actually starts the computer.  It allows the system to find the hard drive, etc.  The gist is that reformatting the hard drive is useless since this hack simply reloads from the motherboard & not the hard drive.

Arstechnica has a great article on it and I suggest everyone, not just Mac people, read it.  If it can happen to Macs then it either is or will affect Windows too...

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