Thursday, June 11, 2015

AirDog is Coming Soon

Get ready for new type of drone.  The AirDog in the video above is the first of a few "follow me drones".

They are autonomous flyers that will follow their owner.  The idea is to make filming of stunts, athletic endeavors, etc easy to film & show.  The user wears a wireless controller on their wrist which allows the drone to know exactly where the owner is and follow them.

You basically put on the tracker, turn on the drone, let it get GPS lock, then push a button on the tracker that tells the drone to take off.  It will then leave the ground and hover until you begin to move.  At that point it will follow above you and at a distance while it films whatever you are doing.

When you are done filming, hit the "land" button on the controller and the drone lands.

Water skiers, mountain bikers, snowboarders & skiers, this is what you've been looking for.  This is really less of a flyable drone and more of a camera platform, but watch the video.  It's pretty amazing how this thing handles.  It should be available August 31, 2015 for a cost of $1295 US.

There is also a "follow me drone" called Lily that will be available in 2016.  Expect more of these as the market expands.

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