Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mad Max Remake... After all These Years...

Mad Max Remake from Wired.jpg
I can still remember the moment.  It was something like 1981.  I was in undergrad in the living room of my college girlfriend’s house.  One of the advantages of a commuter campus was decent living arrangements and Brenda’s house was no exception.
Back then, that meant her family had cable and a decent TV,  Her family was very sweet and easy to get along with.  They were also liberal enough in their political views to let a younger college age guy watch some fairly violent plotted tales that I wouldn’t dare a let a kid watch these days…  Heck, I even sometimes amaze myself at how strict I’ve become.
I spent a lazy Saturday afternoon watching a movie called Mad Max…
So… now we are facing the remake of Mad Max and I cannot  wait to get myself into the theater to see this one. 
The original one drew fans in by the droves.  It was shot on a shoestring budget.  Because of that, there wasn’t much scenery involved.  However, because of the lack of scenery it meant that those who saw it were forced to create their own scenery in their own minds.  That meant it was custom tailored to whoever watched it.  It was not the intent of the production, but amazingly enough that meant it had a universal visual appeal to whomever watched it.  Everyone who watched it, loved it.
This time, it will be shot with a bigger budget.  That means more special effects. more explosions, more cool stuff.  I mean, just take a look at what Feedspot has as a teaser from an article via Wired  magazine.
I’ve always loved the Mad Max original trilogy.  I fell in love with it in the 80’s and haven’t ever let go of it since.  Here’s to hoping the new life that George Miller has breathed into it lasts as long as the original…

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