Thursday, May 28, 2015

Boeing Develops EMP Weapon for US Air Force

As a geek, the concept of EMP has always been a cool one for me.

An “Electromagnetic Pulse” or EMP destroys electrical systems, magnetic media (hard drives, jump drives, basically all storage) as well as electrical power, Internet connections, etc.  The biggest fear has always been a nuclear explosion which, in addition to the human destruction, also generates a massive EMP.  

However, now Boeing has developed a missile-type weapon that can specifically deliver an EMP to a targeted building, leaving the surrounding infrastructure and systems intact.

I remember in the Gulf War that one of the first smart bombs dropped was on a large building housing Saddam Hussein’s telephone control systems.  The building was obliterated and I’m sure there was a serious loss of life.  Now, a weapon could be fired at command & control buildings while leaving the surrounding area and people unscathed.

It’s a fascinating concept.

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