Thursday, May 14, 2015

Apple Pay Could Be Coming to Home Depot

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Now, never mind the fact that I happen to have a serious affection for Home Depot.  I will gladly admit that.  As a DIY guy, on a geeky level, Home Depot makes it really really easy to get your hands dirty while it looks like you are getting stuff doe around the house.
So, I was doubly excited when I saw this article on about Home Depot strongly considering making Apple Pay available at 2000 stores in the US.
At this point in the roll out of Apple’s payment by phone service, that would make the Home Depot the largest retailer in Apple’s chain.
Although it is not yet widely accepted by retailers, Apple Pay should still process around $67 billion worth of sales.  Amazing huh?
Of course that isn’t the only option… and it can’t be simply because not everyone is going to be using an iPhone.  There will be other payment options for other hardware  provides. Still $67 billion is nothing to sneeze at is it?

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