Monday, May 11, 2015

A Big Day of Filming on Friday at the new ADA Studios

What a day it was Friday!
I spent the entire day in the basement of the ADA building in Chicago in the brand new ADA Studios production area.
There we shot a series of videos for the Kavo Kerr Group as well as a few videos for a new project the ADA & I are working on called “Flucke’s Tech Tips”.
The KKG videos are featuring products from the company that I happen to use and like.  The “Tech Tips” are short and quick ideas about products that can save you time and help provide better care for your patients.
Look for the Tech Tips to be linked into upcoming ADA Morning Huddle emails.
After you watch them, I’d love to have some feedback on ways we can improve them, or if you like them just as they are.  My goal is to give you good info on ways to help give your patients better care!
Stay tuned.  I’m not sure when they will be available, but once I get a date, I’ll announce it here.
Have a great week!

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