Thursday, April 2, 2015

Futudent Camera is a Winner!

At the Pacific Dental Conference last year, I got a chance to meet the smart guys behind the Futudent camera.  It is a head mounted camera that allows you to capture video or still photos in HD!!!

This tiny camera can be mounted on surgical telescopes or, in my case, the bill of a KC Royals baseball cap!

I've been testing the Futudent camera since the Chicago MidWinter meeting and I've got to tell you that this device is really ready for prime time.  I have the focal length set to match the focal length on my surgical telescopes and now the patients can see exactly what I see in real time.

The camera comes with software that uploads your video to a HIPAA compliant cloud storage solution which makes creating videos quick and easy.

For quite a few years now I have had patients ask me when I would have a camera that would allow them to see what I see...   with the Futudent, that time is now.

The tiny camera connects to the operatory camera via USB.  It takes very little time to set up and in a matter of minutes you are ready to show  and/or record HD video of your procedures.

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