Wednesday, March 25, 2015

TS150 Mill Evaluation Proceeding...

Our evaluation of the TS150 mill is continuing on schedule.

At this point in the eval, I can state that the machine is performing as advertised/expected.

The unit was designed and created by Glidewell Lab & is being sold through equipment distributors.  The system that we are evaluating is sold by Benco.

The mill will create crowns, inlays, and onlays.  To this point in the eval we have noted exceptional marginal integrity, great consistent contacts, and very nice occlusal anatomy.

The most difficult part of the process has been the interface of the device between our iTero and the computer we are using to run the design software.  That problem is not related to the mill or the design computer, but our iTero.  I'm confident as more and more iTero users begin to do in office milling, this problem will be handled by the iTero software folks, but to this point, that has been the most challenging aspect of the process.  Let me state for clarity, that there are not a lot of iTero users that are currently interfacing with the TS150 and that accounts for the glitches we've experienced.  After all, that sort of thing is why we do beta testing in the first place.  Hopefully my feedback to the companies involved will help expedite those of you who follow the same path...

I've been contacted by some of you great people who are regular readers wondering how the eval was going, hence this mid-evaluation post.

At this point, I've been very impressed and would recommend the TS150 unit with no hesitations.  When we are totally done with our beta evaluation, I'll provide a much more detailed final post.

In the meantime, our work continues.  If you would like more info, feel free to email, contact me via Twitter, or just leave a comment.

As always, thanks for reading.  My goal is to help you readers and as a result of that, to help your patients.

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