Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Great Britain Arrests Hackers in Major Crackdown

As regular readers of my blog know, I'm frequently forced to post about data theft, identity theft, and all kinds of nefarious schemes and scams.  It seems that hardly a day goes by without  *some* type of bad news from the world of cyber security.

It is becoming harder and harder to keep the bad guys out of our systems even harder to know if your system has been compromised... unless the bad guys post about it online.

So, I'm proud today to be able to post regarding  an event I'd like to call "Score one for the good guys!"

One of my favorite news apps for my iPad is the BBC app.  I don't have time to peruse the info every day, but I do manage to give it a read several times a week and I frequently come away with good information.

Today I was pleased to see that Great Britain's National Crime Agency, took down 56 hackers in 25 separate operations.  Crimes ranged from data theft, fraud, virus writing, to even a hack of Yahoo in 2012.  They also managed to apprehend a member of the hacking collective Lizard Squad as well as a member of D33Ds.

If you nose around cyber security news sites, you'll see information of arrests from time to time, but they rarely make major news headlines.  In my opinion, that's too bad.  Cyber crime is not victimless,  ask anyone who has had their identity stolen.  Maybe, just maybe if more of the arrests made the major news outlets we deter some people who are considering breaking these laws.  We can't stop all of them, but we can certainly stop *some* from entering the realm.

Also, reporting on these arrests gives the everyday non-geek some piece of mind.  It's good to know that there are some "White Hat" cyber forces out there trying to make the Internet a safe place fro us all.

The complete story from the BBC is here.

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