Monday, March 2, 2015

Back from Chicago...

After 8 days... yes you read that right, 8 days, I've returned from my Chicago trip.

The 150th Chicago MidWinter Meeting is now over, but wow what a meeting it was!

The Chicago Dental Society has this down to a fine art.  The MidWinter meeting is one that I've attended for probably the last 20 years or so.  Sometimes I've been there as an invited speaker, but on years where I'm not lecturing, I still make sure to be there simply because it is one of the best meetings in the U.S.  This year was no exception.

Over 27,000 people attended this year's meeting and if you didn't have a good time there, well you have no one to blame but yourself.  The meeting is always well planned and well executed.  As I said above, the folks at the CDS have got this thing down.  Needless to say, count me in for next year.

My week was a whirlwind of work, meetings, and presentations.  On Monday I was fortunate enough to be the first official CE program videoed at the brand new ADA Studios.  I had 2 one hour CE lectures "in the can" by midafternoon.  Look for lots of online CE to come from this new ADA endeavour.  On Tuesday I had a work related meeting with Centric Learning Systems, a new venture that I'm part of.  The meeting resulted in some work that took most of the day.  However, I *did* manage to sneak a lunch in at the famous Billy Goat Tavern.

Wednesday was the annual editorial meeting for Dental Products Report.  I can't say a lot about our future plans, but trust me when I say you'll be seeing some amazing stuff coming along.  Wednesday night was the Oral Health Alliance Gala where I got to wear my tux and mingle with lots of people in the dental industry.

Thursday was the first day of the MidWinter meeting and I spent most of the day running from one meeting to another.  That night brought the Voco party (great job Nicole!) and then dinner with some great friends.

Friday started my work day at 7:00 as we tried to do the Best of Class voting in the morning for once.  After that experiment we decided to move it back to an evening time.  As soon as the BOC voting was over, it was more meetings for the remainder of the day and then off to a nice event hosted by AMD lasers and then a get together with the good people at Danville Materials.

Wrapping up my work week was Saturday where I spent the whole day lecturing.  I was amazed and honored by how many people were there for both my morning and afternoon sessions.  Considering it was Saturday and severely cold, I thought most people would stay home.  They didn't though and we had a blast talking about technology in dentistry.

I couldn't get home until Sunday though.  Eight days on the road is tough.  It may not sound that bad, but trust me when I say that when your hotel room starts to feel like an apartment, that's not a good thing.  Nothing felt better than touching down back in The Land of Oz Sunday afternoon.

Some fun and exciting things are on tap for the rest of 2015.  My first project will be working with a glasses mounted camera that will start next week.  More updates as things progress...

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