Thursday, February 19, 2015

Strongest Biological Material is... Limpet Teeth

Who would have thought this?  For several years, scientists thought the strongest biological material was spider web.  Now it turns out that it is a tooth!

A sea snail called a Limpet is the owner of these little miracles... and I *do* mean little.  The teeth are only roughly 1 millimeter in height.  Tiny but tough.
Why are these teeth so strong?  Well limpets attach themselves to rocks that are underwater & near the shore.  The feed on algae.   So when they eat, the scrape their teeth on the hard surface of the rock.  Therefore their teeth *have* to be strong.  Stronger than human teeth... stronger than any other teeth known to man.

Perhaps we can learn something from this.  Maybe there's a new really tough material on the  horizon.  I'll leave that to the researchers, however, this is a really cool & interesting discovery.

If you would like to read the scientific paper on the discovery, click here.

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