Friday, January 16, 2015

Is Delta Dental of Missouri Playing Fair with Missouri Dentists?

I received this information yesterday from trusted friends whom I have known for years.  They have given me the OK to post this information here.

For those of you who are Missouri dentists, read this information carefully and remember to be forewarned is to be prepared.  For those of you who are dentists, but not licensed in Missouri, be aware that a similar situation may be coming your way...

For the full rundown on this situation, there is a great article available from the ADA.

Here is the letter I received:

Delta Dental Update from the point of view of the Plaintiffs in the Delta lawsuit:

Friday we received a mailing from Delta. Included in their letter was information about Delta's annual meeting and the election of directors. The legal agreement that we reached in the lawsuit spelled out specific steps that were to be taken regarding their annual meeting and election of directors. Delta's letter included information about their candidates, but had no mention of the candidates that have been nominated by petition. This, in our opinion, violates "the spirit of the agreement". We believe that this is an attempt by Delta to taint the election process by implying that "their candidates" are the only candidates that will be on the ballot, or at the very least, that their candidates are the "best" candidates. It seems that this letter, although not specifically prohibited by the legal agreement, is in poor taste, and once again shows that Delta is not being transparent in their dealings.

We will shortly send to our members information about the candidates that have been nominated by petition. We hope that you will make an informed decision when the election of directors by mail ballot is held later this month.

It seems that Delta is also not making it easy for us to get the list of its members (participating dentists), so, at least for now, this is our only means of contact. Delta, so far, has agreed to give us a copy of the list, but only if we agree to pay $.20/page! We will gladly pay the copying charge, we think it is petty, but we are not surprised! We have requested the list electronically, so far they have denied that request, again, we are not surprised. We believe that these actions are uncalled for, what do you think?

We hope that you will carefully consider all of the candidates as you elect directors to the Delta board. Do you want business as usual? We believe that there are candidates who will not hesitate to move Delta in a new direction.

Please keep in mind that these are the opinions of the three of us, each a past president of the Missouri Dental Association. They are not necessarily the opinions of any dental society, state or local, although the three of us have the support of large numbers of the members of the American Dental Association, the Missouri Dental Association and the component societies of the MDA.

Mark Zust
Doug Wyckoff
Matt Niewald

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