Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ibuprofen Proven to Increase the Lifespan of Several Species... Possibly Even You

One of the most commonly used types of medications used both in medicine and also over the counter is a class of drugs called NSAIDs.  It stands for "non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs".

These medicines are frequently used because they are non-narcotic and effective.  They help decrease fever, decrease the response to pain, and decrease inflammation.

Now comes word that, in addition to the benefits listed above, an even greater benefit *may be available*.

It seems that researchers at Buck Institute and Texas A&M University administered doses similar to an equivalent dose for a human to 3 different species.  These were flies, yeast, and worms.

Amazingly all 3 different organisms lived longer... 17% longer for yeast and 10% longer for  flies and worms compared to the experimental control organisms.  All of these increases are significant.

Obviously this doesn't automatically mean we should all begin taking dosages of this medication to live longer.  Many more studies and evaluations need to be done.  However, as someone who loves (and frequently gets to live) science, I find this intriguing.

Here is the info from Buck Institute.

The Texas A&M page will all of their information is here.  My pal Chris has *got* to be beaming about this!  Go Aggies!!!

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