Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dental Recycling North America, Inc. to Begin Donating to Gastromotiva

I've been a customer of DRNA for several years now.  We try and run an office that does things in a state of the art manner, and that includes keeping our environment as pristine as possible.  To that end, we installed an amalgam separator from DRNA.

Many states are beginning to require one of these devices to be installed in a dental office, but we made the commitment to be proactive because it's better for the environment and we thought it was just "the right thing to do."  Even though the State of Missouri does not require an amalgam separator we made the decision to install one... and we are glad we did.  We're pretty sure the fish and other aquatic critters are glad as well.  As dentists we remove lots of silver fillings and, while there isn't a lot of mercury in them, there is some.

So, what *is* an amalgam separator, you ask?  Here is the definition:

Amalgam separators are devices designed to remove amalgam waste particles from dental office wastewater. Without an amalgam separator, these particles can be suctioned into the dental unit vacuum line and discharged into the public sewer system.

Now I have info from DRNA that they are working on a philanthropic project with an organization in Brazil.  Here are the details:

NEW YORK, NY January 14, 2015: As an extent of its corporate social responsibility, Dental Recycling North America, Inc. (DRNA) has agreed to donate a portion of its profits to Gastromotiva, a non-profit organization operating in Brazil since 2006. The organization runs training courses, holds events, and engages in projects on gastronomy to promote social development in Brazil. Gastromotiva provides qualification courses to young people in socially vulnerable populations and from low-income families as well as supports programs for micro-entrepreneurs. The primary course that Gastromotiva offers aims to prepare students to join the work force in the realm of gastronomy.

"I feel very thankful to start this partnership with DRNA. As I said at the Clinton Global Initiative, our belief is that we can transform million of lives by leveraging the gastronomy universe and we need individuals and companies who share the same dream to take this road with us. DRNA really captured the idea and it's no coincidence that we have likely commitments with the society", said David Hertz, chef and founder of Gastromotiva.

"Ensuring the integrity of local food systems is part of the objective of DRNA", said Marc M. Sussman, President & CEO of Dental Recycling North America, Inc. "The company's primary goal of keeping mercury out of the environment helps to safeguard the health of local agricultural systems and ultimately its people. By assisting Gastromotiva in achieving its goals, DRNA is working to extend its influence in promoting a healthier living for all."

Further information on Gastromotiva can be found by visiting their website.

About DRNA, Inc.

DRNA is the North American leader in dental waste management and recycling. Whether amalgam waste, x-ray chemistry, lead, bio-hazardous or pharmaceutical waste, DRNA provides essential and affordable solutions for every dental office. DRNA is the number one compliance partner providing equipment, recycling, long-term documentation and education.

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