Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Testing of Benco's TS 150 Mill Starts Today

I *love* open source!  To that end, we are about to start testing a new CAD/CAM one visit restorative system in my office.  Say hello to the TS 150.

The mill was developed by Glidewell labs and is created to do inlays, onlays, and crowns.

The best part?  The TS 150 is open source.  That means that it will take files created by our iTero scanner.  The iTero files are then opened in IOS FastDesign software.  This will allow us to design the restoration.  Once the design process is complete, the design is sent to the TS 150 mill that will then take a block of restorative material and mill out the final restoration.

Since it is open source, the TS 150 will accept files from the iTero, the True Definition Scanner, and others.

We'll be receiving training today and will actually start milling restorations in the afternoon.

I'll be reporting back on what we are receiving as we get further along in the process...

For more info, check out this from Dental Products Report.

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