Thursday, November 6, 2014

Amazon Adds New Benefit to Amazon Prime Membership - New Prime Photos with Free Unlimited Photo Storage

I've been a member and a big fan of Amazon Prime for a few years now (Thanks Ben!)  The best part?  It just keeps getting better!!!  There's a reason that I truly feel that Jeff Beezos (the man behind Amazon) is the next Steve Jobs... and this is just one of those reasons.

Earlier this year, Amazon upgraded the music portion, giving me access to tons of music that I can access online without even paying for it.  Cool!  They also have given me access to lots of video from their video archive that I can access (once again for free) just because of my membership.

Now, they've made it even better by giving members storage for their digital photos.  Here are the details that I received today via email from Amazon:

Introducing Prime Photos: free unlimited photo storage in Amazon Cloud Drive. With Prime Photos, you have a simple, secure and convenient place to store all your photos. Save them once and access them anytime you're online from almost any device, including from all Fire devices.

It's easy to use your free unlimited photo storage. Continue using your existing Cloud Drive storage space for videos, docs, spreadsheets and more. Add photos from your computer by visiting Cloud Drive on the web or download the app for PC. Get the Cloud Drive Photos app on your iOS and Android devices to save even more photos from your phone and tablet in the cloud. Photos will no longer count toward your Cloud Drive storage quota.

Start saving your cherished memories--it's free with your Prime membership.

n addition to your free unlimited photo storage with Prime Photos, all Amazon customers also get 5 GB of free Cloud Drive file storage for docs, videos and more.

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