Monday, October 20, 2014

Ultradent Makes Big Changes to

The good folks at Ultradent have been hard at work on their website and have made some pretty incredible changes.  One of the nice things about Ultradent as a company is that they truly value their customers and the customer experience.  Because of that, they've made changes focusing on making the site easier to use and also formatting it for the changing way we access the Internet.

1. Mobile Friendly
A recent stat says the over 97% of people with smart phones have them within an arm's reach 24-7.  Amazing huh?  With that stat in mind, Ultradent has made their site mobile friendly for a better experience no matter what type of device you use for access.

2. Improved Navigation
Improved navigation makes it even easier to access wherever you need to go on the site.

3. Faster search with better results
Enhanced search functions are now faster than ever and better at providing the search results you're looking for.

4. Improved Quick Lists
They have made significant improvements to the quick-lists, making it even easier to order the items you use most.

  • Create unique lists for the items you want to order, and reorder together
  • easily add your custom list products to your cart for quicker shopping
  • Add products to your lists from the product pages or shopping cart

Sounds good, doesn't it?  Head on over to the new Ultradent site and take a look around!

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