Wednesday, September 3, 2014

White House Nabs Google's Megan Smith to be CTO of Administration

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In 2009, President Obama created a (in my opinion) much needed post of White House CTO (Chief Technology Officer).  Since that time, the job has only been held by three people, with Ms. Smith being the third.
Personally, I can't think of many better choices.  Let's face it, for this job you want someone with some serious tech background and Ms. Smith certainly has that.  Until picked for the CTO position she was vice president of Google's department called Google X.  This is the free wheeling, outside the box thinking part of Google that deals with special products/ideas the employees come up with.  That area is where the way cool projects are developed.  She has seen the work done on Google Glass, the balloon based high altitude universal wireless project, and the car that drives itself (sans driver) just to name a few.  Someone with those types of projects under her belt should be well suited to help the US government with its technology issues, questions, and projects.
Let's face it, outside of areas like the NSA, CIA, and other national security type departments, the US government is badly in need of someone that can help them with technology (think the Obama-care website debacle as one).  
The government's need for someone with serious tech chops is pretty obvious.  We *need* someone like Megan Smith to help lead this charge.  Here's hoping she can do it.
Also, this is not a *guaranteed* type position.  This is a job that was created by President Obama in 2009.  That means the job has the potential to cease to exist when the next president is elected.  My personal feelings are that this should be a full time position that does not exist at the whim of one administration or another.  Heck, I even feel this is a cabinet level job… it's that important.  Of course, I'm just a molar mechanic and no one from the halls of power ever calls up and asks my opinion.  If they ever did, I know what I would say about this subject.  To me it's a pretty simple decision.

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