Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Joy of Mac or Why I Pay Top Dollar for my Laptop

Sorry for the lack of posts on Friday and Monday, this post should pretty well tell you why…

On Friday, I was speaking at the JADA Live event in Tampa, Florida.  Unfortunately, the best laid plans sometimes go astray.  As I was setting up for the first presentation of the day, I plugged the projector into my trusty MacBook Pro and all heck broke lose on my poor Mac.  The screen twisted and looked like a combination of a bad electrical signal and a Salvador Dali painting.  I rebooted and tried again… same result.

Time was ticking down and I needed to get my presentation on the screen.  Thankfully, one of my presenting pals, Dr. Cynthia Brattesani was there with her MacBook Air.  Since I was using the Mac presentation software, Keynote, we simply pulled the lecture off my machine and copied onto hers.  I was up & running in no time.  Problem solved!  At least for Friday…

However, as many of you know I live a fair amount of my life on the road and there is another lecture to do this week in Dallas.  What do you do?  

In my case it was simple.   A trip to the Apple store when i got home allowed me to buy a new laptop without the projector problems.  I also had them do a data transfer which means the techs moved all of my data over to the new machine.  When I fired it up, it was identical to the old device.  Perfect.

I’m now posting from the new MacBook Pro using my regular blogging software.  I love how Apple can just make my life easier like that.  Nothing is perfect, but when you need your machine to perform this week like the old did all those times before, this is *great* piece of mind!

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