Monday, August 4, 2014

WiFi Security with Hotspot Shield

I've mentioned this here before, but whenever you log into open free wifi, you are putting all of your data at risk of being seen.  It's hard at all to do and you could be putting a lot at risk.  
For the past few years now, I've used Hotspot Shield Elite to create my own VPN to prevent anyone from accessing my data over open wifi.  I use the paid version, but there is a free ad supported version as well.
Here is what Gizmag had to say about it:
If the idea of paying for a VPN doesn't appeal to you, give Hotspot Shield a try. It's free but ad supported unless you purchase the elite version which is US$29.95 per year, which is still cheaper than ProXPN. Also, during installation be sure to do a custom install, and uncheck each of the options that will add a toolbar, change your default search engine, and home page. If you can deal with a few ads, your connection to Wi-Fi hotspots will be secure, and that's the main thing. If you're only using it on rare occasions, say at the coffee shop, the ads aren't too annoying. It works on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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