Thursday, August 28, 2014

Take Aways from the Henry Schein Practice Solutions Summit

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For the past few days, I've been in Utah attending the Henry Schein Practice Solutions Summit.  The good people at Schein hold one of these events almost yearly.  They are a think tank top event where invitees are from several disciplines in the business of dentistry.
The idea is to put lots of smart people with a knowledge of dentistry together and see what ideas they can come up with.  It also allows the folks at Schein to update attendees on new projects the company is working on or considering and get their opinions on them.
While I can't tell you all the things I learned (some I was asked to keep confidential) I can bring you up to date on a couple of things.
The Cloud based practice management software continues to be a big focus for the company.  They continue to roll out updates on a regular basis and are planning on some major upgrades this year that should please quite a few users.  I'm sorry to say that the really big development must remain confidential… for now.  My main takeaway from the discussions of Ascend is that it is very important to the company and has a strong future.
The Mac based practice management software has made good market penetration this year and continues to grow.  Schein bought this software from its original developers and has done a major rework on the coding.  It is being built as a native Mac software and the list of features it includes continues to grow.  With the computer market shifting as more and more people switch to Macs, Schein sees this program as something that will be a bigger piece of the pie as younger doctors, who grew up with Macs, want to run their offices on the platform as well.
As more and more people access their data from a mobile device, Schein is paying attention.  Since their dental software packages are doing more and more communication with patients, the company is committed to making those communications accessible on a mobile platform.

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