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New product allows dental practices to see exactly how PPO plans are affecting their business and assists in decision-making

The smart minds at my magazine, Dental Products Report, put together this great article about the new Dentrix PPO Analyzer, give it a read!
New product allows dental practices to see exactly how PPO plans are affecting their business and assists in decision-making
Thu, 2014-08-07 16:09 | Compiled by DPR Editorial Team

Great Minds, Inc., and Rae Dental Management have launched a new product for the dental practice that is looking for statistics to help make better decisions about their PPO dental plans. The PPO Analyzer is available for any dental practice that is currently using Dentrix G5.

"We have heard from dental teams that they want efficient and accurate systems for the front office to improve treatment planning, increase collections, and easily view net production," creators of the product said. "We have heard from doctors that they want all of this for their dental teams and they want to be able to track statistics such as write-off’s, patient demographics, and specific production information without having to sort through multiple reports. We have been listening. The PPO Analyzer brings all this information together on one report."



There are four main components to The PPO Analyzer.

PPO Production Summary – This will give you production by fee schedule and compare it to your UCR fee schedule and give you a net difference. This is your bottom line PPO write-off.

PPO Patient Demographics – This will give you total number of patients and percentage of active patient base by fee schedule. Also, it will break it down by male, female, and child.

PPO Claim Statistics – If you have ever wondered how long the average claim aging is by each PPO plan, you are in for a treat. These statistics will give you not only average claim aging, but also total number of resubmissions by fee schedule.

PPO Patient Visit Summary – These statistics break down the numbers a little farther and give you total number of doctor visits, hygiene visits, and average production per visit. Also, this section will show you total number of broken appointments by fee schedule.

How to successfully implement practice management software

“There isn’t anything else like it on the market right now. The Dentrix users should be very excited about this report because they cannot pull these numbers onto one report,” said Aaron Cali with Great Minds, Inc.

According to the creators, these components can help you make better decisions about your PPO dental plans. They also say it might also help you to target market certain employers with good PPO plans or help you map out your schedule to increase production.

For more information or to purchase The PPO Analyzer, go towww.greatminds.com/products.

Business of Dentistry Conference recap: How one dentist built a successful group practice in Las Vegas [VIDEO]

We sit down with Dr. David Ting, the CEO of Boston Dental Group with 18 locations throughout Las Vegas and plans to expand to California, Arizona, and northern Nevada.
Mon, 2014-08-11 19:24 | by Kevin Henry, Group Editorial Director

Through what he calls “trial and error,” Dr. David Ting has built Boston Dental Group into one of the most recognized dental entities in Las Vegas.

With 18 locations throughout Las Vegas and plans to expand to California, Arizona, and northern Nevada, Dr. Ting recently sat down with Dental Practice Management during theHenry Schein Business of Dentistry Conferenceto talk about his business model, why his practices are growing and prospering, and why he believes so strongly that dentists should be entrepreneurs.

“We started as a solo practitioner and started to recruit an associate doctor,” Dr. Ting explained. “We began incorporating technology and management systems and we’ve been growing ever since.”

Dr. Ting was one of more than 1,100 attendees at the Business of Dentistry and one of the panelists during the Dentalpreneur portion of the conference, explaining his beliefs in the dentist becoming a strong businessperson.

“For us, it’s a constant learning experience,” Dr. Ting said. “The number one thing for us to realize and always remember is that we don’t know what we don’t know. We learn a lot from new grads.”

PPO Analyzer for Dentrix launched at Business of Dentistry Conference

Dr. Ting has a simple piece of advice for his colleagues out there.

“Learn from the best. Surround yourself with the best,” Dr. Ting said. “Constantly look for things that you don’t know about and don’t be afraid to ask questions.”

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