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HyLife, LLC Seeks Compassionate Hygienists to Expand its Oral Care Program for Dependent Elders

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“Because Nobody Should Die From Dirty Teeth”


Edgerton, WI – August 5th, 2014 – HyLife, LLC, ( an RDH-owned company that provides compassionate oral care services to dependent elders and empowers dental hygienists, is launching an ambitious RDH recruitment initiative during to expand its network of independent oral care specialists. 


According to company founder Angie Stone, RDH, BS, “Dependent elders in nursing homes have the worst oral health compared to any subset of the U.S. population. They are losing their teeth, are at increased risk of heart attacks and strokes and are dying at alarming rates from aspiration pneumonia, which can be caused by bacteria from the mouth being aspirated into the lungs. This not only unacceptable for America’s Greatest Generation, it can be prevented with proper oral hygiene.”


Stone became aware of the deplorable conditions of America’s dependent elders a few years ago, when her 90 year old grandmother was admitted to a nursing home due to her failing mobility and inability to care for herself. “My grandmother was admitted to the nursing home with 22 of her natural teeth. Within two years, she had 60% of her teeth extracted due to 

rampant tooth decay that remained untreated. See Angie tell her story on video.



Soon afterwards, Stone created an on-site oral care service program that visits nursing home clients on an average of once a week to provide a thorough brushing of natural dentition as well as prosthetics such as bridges and partial dentures, in addition to interdental cleaning with dental floss or other over- the-counter interdental aids.


“Many nursing home residents have limited mobility and dementia which prevent them from following an adequate oral hygiene protocol. We provide a vital service that most nursing home caregivers do not,” says Stone. “Plus, a hygienist’s trained eye can detect changes that may require treatment from a dentist.”  


HyLife’s Independent Oral Care Specialists also provide their clients with a monthly supply of xylitol-based mints/gum, toothpaste, and a tooth brush. Xylitol is natural sugar substitute that helps reduce acid causing bacteria in the mouth. “When a HyLife client uses xylitol daily, they can effectively control plaque build-up between visits from the Oral Care Specialist – Even if they have limited mobility or cognitive impairments,” explains Stone. The average cost for a HyLife, LLC client is $100 per month and is paid by the client or client’s family.  


In order to become an authorized HyLife Independent Oral Care Specialist, dental hygienists must follow a two-step qualification process. First, interested RDHs must sign up for a 5-part web-based orientation and training course that includes the following:

  • Intro: The HyLife, LLC History and Mission
  • CE Module 1: The Sad State of Oral Health Among Dependent Elders
  • CE Module 2: Navigating the Landscape of the Care Facility
  • CE Module 3: The Role of Xylitol in Improving the Oral Health of Dependent Elders
  • CE Module 4: The HyLife, LLC Service Model 

Cost of this first step of qualification is $149.00 and provides 3 CEUs. “We’re looking for highly-qualified candidates to become our Independent Oral Care Specialists,” explains Stone. “Even if those signing up for the first qualification phase go no further, they will have earned 3 CEUs and can apply much of this information to the elderly patients in their practices.” Hygienists who complete the first qualification phase and earn the 3 CEUs, may continue with the HyLife 


qualification process anytime within 90 days of CEU completion, by paying a one-time fee of $499.00 in return for all the tools they need to become an authorized HyLife Independent Oral Care Specialist:

  • Mandatory resume review and background check* 
  • Mandatory caregiver certification through the American Caregiver Association
  • Business development tools and instruction manual
  • Monthly individual coaching calls
  • Monthly team calls
  • Monthly newsletter

* If resume review and background check do not meet the standards of HyLife, LLC, the $499 fee will be refunded minus the cost to conduct the background check.

Exclusive territories are assigned by zip code on a first-come, first-served basis. After the first year, renewal is $19.99/month (payable each quarter) to continue affiliation with HyLife, LLC, monthly coaching calls, monthly team calls, newsletter, updated business development tools and manuals.   

For additional information, visit , call 608-884-0038 or e-mail to

About HyLife, LLC

Founded by registered dental hygienist Angie Stone in 2013, HyLife, LLC provides compassionate oral care to dependent elders and empowers dental hygienists to become more autonomous. HyLife LLC’s rapidly-growing network of Independent Oral Care Specialists are provided the networking, coaching and marketing tools needed to develop an additional source of income while serving the elders in their local communities. For more information, visit, call 608-884-0038 or send an e-mail to

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